Because sleepovers are fun! Also because we want to give students the opportunity to spend a night with their small group and leader. Our main goal for the night is to help students begin to identify the gifts that God has given them, and how they can begin to use those gifts to make the world a better place. Students will have fun, create memories with their small group, and engage in conversations that will help them begin to own their faith.
Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off: Friday, March 23 at 6pm @ 500 Crosspoint Pkwy 14068 (Under the Portico) NOT THE APEX
Pick Up: Saturday, March 24 at 4pm at the same place

Sleeping Arrangements
This is not an all-nighter. Students will be sleeping in our Children’s Ministry Classrooms. We will designate separate hallways for guys and girls, then assign rooms based on grade.
Cost Breakdown
We wanted to make this event as affordable as possible. Your registration costs will cover 3 meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch), competitions, prizes, and everything else! remember to use the code BOGO at checkout to receive a free registration for a friend or family member (please register both people at the same time).

Bring a friend for free!

We want every student to be a part of this unforgettable event. We also want it to be super simple (and free) to invite a friend or family member.


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